Ready to sell?

Let us help you maximize the marketability of your property.   Little investments can have big rewards when it comes to selling.  Before we get into that the first place we will start is:

  • Comparative Market Analysis –  What are other properties like yours selling for?
  • Average Days on Market – How long is it taking to sell?
  • Inspection – It is a good idea to get a professional inspection to uncover potential issues.

Getting the most for your property:

  • Curb Appeal – Alright the inside of your house is pristine but what about the outside?  Most people will rule out a house if the exterior has unfavorable characteristics.  Getting a professional landscaper and some power-washing are some of the most common ways to get thousands more at the closing table.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Cleanliness – It is an absolute must to have the house looking perfect.  Investing in a professional cleaning service can easily bring a buyer from pass to PERFECT!
  • Paint – Perhaps one of  the best things you can do it is one of the most affordable and has a huge pay back.  That fresh paint can bring your house from OWWW to WOW
  • Staging – If you already moved and the house is empty professional staging is a great investment.  Avoid clutter and personal touches.  Buyers are most receptive to neutral colors.

Call us and we will help guide you to getting the most out of your property.  We pride ourselves in our ability to get the most for our customers.  Use the form to the right to call us now and we will personally guide you through the selling process.